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Cleaning With Meaning

Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  What are your cleaning hours?

A. 8:00pm- 4:00pm Monday thru Friday


Q. Will I all ways have the same maids? 

A. You will all ways have the same maid’s every time.  There will be 2 maids.


Q. What payment type is accepted? 

A. Cash & checks made out to Cleaning With Meaning


Q. Do you require a cleaning contract?

A.  No


Q. Do maids accept tips?

A. Yes, but this is not required, it is your choice.


Q. Do I need to supply any cleaning items?

A.  No.  We will bring everything that we will need.  However if you have a special product etc... We will use that if you leave it out for us.


Q. What is required for you to access our home?

A. You can leave a key out somewhere, or leave the door open the day we are scheduled to arrive.  Wewill lock the door when we leave.  Also garage codes are accepted, or you can give us a key that will be placed in a lock box in which the owner of the company ONLY has access to.


Q.  Do you guarantee your work?

A.  Yes, our work is 100% guaranteed.  If you contact us with-in 24 hrs. we will come fix the problem for free.


Q. Do I need to put my animals away while my house is being cleaned?

A. As long as the animal is friendly they can be left out.  We will even give pups a fresh bowl of water.  But we cannot be responsible for lost animals or bites.


Q. How much notice should I give for rescheduling? 

A. At least 24 hrs.


Q.  Could you use our vacuum?

A. Absolutely, however we will not be responsible for repairs or damages caused by your vacuum.

Q. What are your rates?

A.  Our usual rates for basic is weekly between $60-$75
Bi Weekly $75-$130
Monthly $100-$150
We match anyone's price


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